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USMLE Step 2 CS   MCCQE II   PLAB 2    ECFMG   Medical Student


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Attention OSCE Exam candidates, Medical Residents, Medical Students, and International Foreign Medical Graduates


There are over 488 Medical OSCE Stations' Scenarios And The List Is Growing !

Seriously, Do You Want To Memorize And Practice Every OSCE Station Checklist ?!!

The Poorest Medical Students, Medical Residents, and IMG/FMG OSCE Exam Performance Is in Communication Skills And Clinical Decision Making and That Is Because Of Wasting Time On Unorganized Incomplete History Taking And Physical Examination !

 Save Your Valuable Efforts And Time... The 24 OSCEhome Systematic Approach Flowcharts Enable You To Cover ALL OSCE Stations' Checklists, Making Your OSCE Exam Preparation EASIER And PERFECT Both Your Clinical Skills And Communication Skills.

Easily Solve The Short OSCE Exam And Patient Interview Time Management Dilemma By Simply Memorizing These 24 Focused Organized Step By Step OSCEhome Systematic Approach Flowcharts And Perform Them On An Autopilot STRESS FREE Manner Focusing On Clinical Decision Making ...


A Step By Step Guide To Mastering The OSCE

And Patient Clinical Encounters



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Don't you find it difficult to find a way to ORGANIZE the OSCE Exam station in order to achieve a smooth going cooperative patient interview?... Do you forget WHAT to ask and do during your short OSCE Exam Station because of your nervousness?...  Have you thought of HOW to ask history questions and perform physical examinations correctly meeting clinical and communication guidelines?...  WHEN to ask all the REQUIRED questions, do each part of the physical examination in a time efficient sequence while communicating effectively and fulfilling the OSCE exam checklist at the same time?...   This proven TIME Efficient OSCEhome Systematic Approach may be the solution you are looking for...


OSCEhome Systematic Approach flowcharts help you PUT yourself on an autopilot mode during OSCE exams enabling you to focus on the differentials, clinical decision making, and your performance.

No need to think WHAT to ask or do, HOW, or WHEN ! ... 



Let us take an example. A patient presented with cough.

  1. Introductions box: 5 sentences to say.

  2. Chief Complaint: 10 question to ask.

  3. HPI: 15 questions to ask.

  4. Respiratory question box: 10 questions to ask.

  5. Standard questions box: 14 questions to ask.

  6. Wrap up box: Sentences for 8 points to explain.


Most of the patients’ answers will be “NO”. How long then, will it take you to ask all these questions and wrap up the case?

FIVE minutes! And you have COVERED all the guidelines and checklists.

We created similar flowcharts for the physical examination, counseling, and ER stations that, with practice, will take you just 5 minutes to perform.

ONE flow chart of 7 steps with 23 history taking and 24 physical examinations boxes to choose one depending on the case !

Don’t you agree, it is much more easier to memorize than 488+ checklists!

Rest assured that all the guidelines and checks in ANY checklist are fulfilled, including communication skills.

You won’t forget anything to ask, do, or explain. No need to anxious and nervous.

You will be on a relaxed autopilot mode! Letting you focusing on the clinical decision process and communication skills.

The systematic approach took three of us a full year to finalize and eight years so far to tweak.

Don’t you agree, it is worth a try? It is yours in just few minutes.


Save your time and effort and get your OSCEhome ebook package now!. It includes:

eBook 1

A Step By Step Guide To Mastering The OSCEs & Clinical Patient Encounters

234 Pages

Revised Second Edition

Trusted OSCE Preparation eBook Since 2004

eBook 2

How To Unlock Difficult Medical Encounters

- 45 Pages

- Step By Step Guides Of How To Deal with 19 Difficult Patients' Scenarios

Bonus 1


ECG Interpretation

- 27 Pages

- Quick ECG review

- ECG interpretation flowchart

- 10 points to look for in an ECG

- 5 life threatening ECG samples

- How to present findings

Bonus 2  

Chest X-ray Interpretation

- 52 Pages

- Quick Chest X-Ray review

- Chest X-Ray interpretation flowchart

- 13 points to look for in a chest X-Ray

- The 10  CXR must know pathologies

- How to present findings

Bonus 3

 Abdominal X-ray Interpretation

- 14 Pages

- Quick Chest Abdomen-Ray review

- Abdomen X-Ray interpretation flowchart

- 10 points to look for in a chest X-Ray

- The 8 AXR must know  pathologies

- How to present findings

Bonus 4



Orthopedic X-Ray Interpretation

- 46 Pages

- 9 points to look for in an Orthopedic X-Ray

- 48 Orthopedic X-Ray sample pathologies

- How to present findings

Bonus 5

CT in Head Trauma

- 23 Pages

- 8 points to look for in a CT Head

- The 8 CT Head must know pathologies

- How to present findings

Bonus 6

 Sample Mock OSCE Stations To Practice

- 68 Pages

- 209 sample OSCE stations stem questions to practice

Bonus 7

Calgary - Cambridge Guide To The Medical Interview

- 17 Pages

- The famous guide on clinical and communication skills for the medical practice.

- Identifies 26 aspects a physician must do in a medical patient interview

Bonus 8

Clinical Mnemonics

- 45 Pages

- 163 Clinical Mnemonics to choose to help you remember medical points.

Bonus 9

Symptoms & Topics To Study For OSCEs

- 22 Pages

- 488 OSCE stations scenarios. Do you want to memorize each separately?


Bonus 10

C Spine X-ray Interpretation

- 48 Pages

- Quick C-Spine X-Ray review

- 14 critical C-Spine X-Ray findings



Using free Javelin eBook Reader, you can: 


Download the eBooks Package to your:

  • Windows PC

  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later

  • iOS 5 or later iPad & Smartphones

  • Android 2.3 or later Tablets & Smartphones

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Don't you AGREE that cutting your OSCE Exam Preparation EFFORT, TIME, and most importantly STRESS by 80% is worth a try that costs you just a cup of coffee for a month?!


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.... I should know. The systematic approach and memorizing carefully phrased questions increase my confidence in history taking and organization skills in addition to cutting my patient interview time to less than half!

Shelly Brown, NY


Have you seen this easy OSCE exam approach?...



23 Flowchart Sets Of Carefully Medically, Ethically, And Legally Phrased Questions Blocks That Makes You Efficiently Manage All OSCE Exam Scenarios Integrating Both Clinical And Communication Skills in Flowchart Sets. ALL needed questions for any differential are included. The WHAT To Ask, WHEN and HOW. Being fluent in English is not enough to efficiently communicate with patients.



24 Step By Step Flowchart Sets of How To Perform Focused Physical Exam In Just 5 Minutes. Organizing your exam in a time efficient, clinically correct, and patient centered manner is crucial in OSCE exams. The WHAT To Do, WHEN and HOW. 


A flowchart for Emergency scenario stations including management of 14 common emergencies. The WHAT, HOW, and WHEN.


10 Steps To Follow To Counsel Patients. WHAT information you should gather, HOW to inform them, and WHEN.


Step By Step Guides Of How To Deal with 19 Difficult Patients' Scenarios That Improves Your Communication Skills.


7 patient's write up notes; SOAP, Progress note, Admission note, Operation notes, Discharge note, Referral note and Reply note.


7 Steps Clinical Decision Making Flowchart.



Do all your patient clinical interviews get the results you really hope? Are they as successful as you'd like them to be?...



A Step By Step Guide To Mastering The OSCEs And Clinical Patient Encounters eBooks Package

The What, How, and When Clinical Skills Preparation Package



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So What Did I Do To Avoid Missing Things And Waste The interview's short time?

Over a really long time, I gathered all the necessary information needed to be asked for every disease. Then I:

  • Arranged them in question boxes based on symptom complaints.

  • Wrote/gathered specific questions for each needed info.

  • Checked the medical, ethical, and communication correctness of each question with experts.

  • Determined the differentials for each symptom and merged the necessary questions within the boxes.

  • Arranged the questions within each box in a time efficient flowchart sequence that assures patient cooperation and prevent them from interrupting the medical interview flow.

  • I subdivided each box into a main screening box and detailed sub-boxes to be explored only if the patient reply was related.

So, In a real OSCE, as well as a medical interview, I'll start with the main first question box and follow through expanding into sub-boxes as needed and the back to the main box. Then, according to the station, move to the next box and so on. It took me about a year to perfect the system.

For the physical exam, I:

  • Arranged the needed exams to be done in a time efficient sequence that minimize patient discomfort.

  • Wrote phrases to ask the patient to perform a test or move in a clear, ethical and communication correct manner that prevents patient interruptions to the exam flow.

  • Wrote explaining phrases to say to the patient while performing the steps to keep them informed.

I did the same for counseling stations, patients note, and how to deal with difficult patients.



Read What Hundred Other Medical Students, Residents, and Graduates are saying about OSCEhome's Systematic Approach


You need a system that does the job in 5-15 minutes! Just memorize it, practice it, and that's it! Not figuring out how!


What you need is a real system that works. A system that covers:



That is 12 ebooks of US$ 157 value for US$ 67 at 57.7 % Saving !



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What if these ebooks are not as valuable as I claim?…. Right?...

You can’t have what you want unless you trust our advanced system 100% and commit to practice it even 1000%!… Trust what hundreds of other medical students, medical residents, and foreign medical graduates did and start receiving results regarding your self-esteem, confidence in your clinical skills and communication skills, and professional success!…

Wouldn’t you agree that it makes a lot more sense to make yourself following the steps that are already proven to bring results…

… than to fumble around on your own, and waste months experimenting with bad information?

* However, here is my guarantee.

There is absolutely no way that you can lose – except by not taking OSCEhome ebooks. I personally guarantee that you’ve never heard anything like it. If you aren't much confident, happier, and feel much in control concerning both your clinical skills and communication skills within 60 days after receiving the ebooks, go ahead an issue yourself a complete refund for your money no question asked. Our invoice has a link to automatically issue it or email me.


Read What Other Medical Students, Residents, and Graduates are saying about OSCEhome's Systematic Approach


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I thought what else can hold you back from improving your clinical skills and communication skills ?.. Payment security! This is a legitimate issue. So, for your security, OSCEhome made arrangements with PayPal, the largest online 100% secure payment processing firm, and ClickBank, the largest online retailer for digital products. Both firms protect you against fraud. OSCEhome has no access to your financial information at all.


If you’ve decided that a comprehensive step by step system that has taken care of a lot of the medical, clinical skills, and communication skills is worth a lot more than US$ 157  67 including the unique bonuses, here’s how to claim your copies:


Don't think you will be able to do it completely by yourself,

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If you do, you will never get your best potential!

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There is never any time better but NOW, and there never will be any time but NOW.

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Dr Al Imari,

OSCE home.  


Read What Hundred Other Medical Students, Residents, and Graduates are saying about OSCEhome's Systematic Approach


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  How To Unlock Difficult Medical Encounters

How To Unlock Difficult Medical Encounters?

  How To Maximize My Communication Skills How To Improve My Communication Skills?
  A Step by step Guide To Mastering The OSCEs A Step By Step Guide to Mastering the OSCEs!


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How To Unlock Difficult Medical Encounters? 
A Step By Step Guide To Mastering The OSCEs   
How To Improve My Communication Skills?  





Over 4000 OSCEhome Candidates Used It!

I had the most enjoyable time preparing for my exam using your absolutely useful tools for passing the exam, and I passed. Thank you for all the help and effort that you have made to help residents in their oral exams.

Dana N.


My OSCE was last Friday 24/10/08. You will be pleased to know that I did well and really must say a massive big thank you. Your help was absolutely wonderful. I passed on your advice to some of my colleagues that were interested and they think it was great too. Thanks once again.

Crystal  H.


I have purchased some other examination books which are extremely comprehensive but don't add dialogue - combining such with your text would mean I would only have to purchase one book and not have to make notes - which is good for me. Communication and Hx taking are mentioned in the crash course range and the differentials are good - however they don't give a structured approach to Hx taking as your book does - which I like.

From OSCEhome survey.


 After finding you on the internet at OSCE home you quite exactly described how I felt taking the exam. I figured if you could describe how the exam went for me you would have the answer as to how I could do better and not get disoriented, disorganized and lose focus.

From OSCEhome survey.



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